Man helps deliver daughter, who made her grand entrance along U.S. 74

A Rutherford County couple said they were blessed after giving birth to a baby girl early Tuesday morning. It’s how the baby was born, though, that is getting all the attention.

“Woke him up probably about 3:15, and then about 3:30 is when I was really like, ‘Yeah, I think we need to go,'” Diamond Ammons said.

It’s not exactly the wake up call you expect at 3 in the morning, but at 39 weeks pregnant, Ammons knew it was time to go to the hospital.

As the couple raced toward the hospital, Ammons’ contractions became stronger and more frequent.

“Then my water broke, soon after. Then my contractions were about two minutes, and I said ‘I don’t think I’m gonna make it to the hospital,'” Ammons said.

Because Rutherford County does not have a birthing unit, they had to make the drive to Shelby. The couple was making their way down U.S. 74 when their baby made her entrance into the world.

“I didn’t believe her at first. I was still driving, and I kept the lights on,” Everett Craig-Murray said. “She said it about three or four times, and I pulled over there on the side of 74.”

After stopping, Craig-Murray rushed to the passenger seat to help deliver his daughter.

“I kind of just gave her a tug, slightly tug. Easily pulled her out there, and she came out really, really perfect,” Craig-Murray said. “It was just a blessing that she came out so perfect and unharmed.”

“We were in that left turn lane, actually at the stop sign is where she was born,” Ammons said.

Craig- Murray said he dialed 911, but, in the rush of adrenaline, he didn’t send the call through. Luckily, they were close enough to the hospital they were able to continue.

The baby’s name is Nova. She and and Ammons are resting at home without any major issues.

While it was not ready in time for Nova’s delivery, the Rutherford Regional Health System plans to begin deliveries in September.

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